Video Category | Controls

Driver Shift Control – Buick Regal

This vehicle describes the transmission and driver shift control.  It shows how to shift into manual mode and how to upshift and downshift.  The video then explains M2 which is the low traction mode.

Steering Wheel Controls & Cruise Control – GMC Yukon

This video describes the use of the Steering Wheel Controls and Cruise Control System.

Transmission – GMC Yukon

This video discusses the 6 speed automatic transmission.  It reviews the range selection mode, tow/haul mode, low traction mode and grade braking.

Climate Control System – Buick Verano

This video describes how to use the climate control system including the control panel and dual zones.  It talks about manual and automatic climate control.  It also discusses the air conditioning, heat, defrost, defogger, rear defogger, fan speed, air re-circulation and heated seats.