Steering Wheel Controls & Cruise Control – GMC Yukon XL

Video Transcription

Your vehicle's steering wheel allows you to control certain features without even taking your hands off the wheel. Let's explore a few of your vehicle's steering wheel controls. Your steering wheel's tilt function is located on the lower left side
of the steering column. You can adjust the angle to the position that's most comfortable to you by pulling the lever and moving the steering wheel up and down. Release the lever when it's just right. Your steeling wheel is designed with two sets of controls on either side. On the left, you'll find the cruise control buttons. The buttons on the right control certain radio functions. We discuss the radio controls in a separate infotainment video. Look at the left side of your steering wheel for the Cruise Control Buttons. Do you see them? Make sure to take a look at your manual's Driving and Operating section, where you'll find additional information and safety precautions you need to know before using the Cruise Control feature. To put your vehicle into cruise mode, first, engage the system by pressing this button. You'll see the indicator light come on. Next, accelerate to reach the speed you want. Then press and release the 'set' button. Finally, take your foot off the accelerator. Your cruise control is now engaged.The set button is also used to decelerate. Simply press and hold it until the vehicle slows to the speed you want. The 'cancel' button disengages the cruise control without erasing the set speed from memory. The 'resume' button' here allows you to resume a previously set speed or to accelerate to a new cruising speed. To turn Cruise Control off, just press the on/off button. You can also disengage Cruise Control by tapping your foot on the brake. To turn on your heated steering wheel option, tap this button. Your vehicle's steering wheel is equipped with innovative controls you can use to improve your everyday driving experience. But don't worry… we didn't forget the basics. Enjoy the drive.

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