Selective Ride Control – Buick LaCrosse

Video Transcription

Your vehicle comes equipped with many unique features designed to improve your driving experience. Selective Ride Control is no exception. The 'Selective Ride Control' system allows you to have more control over the performance and handling of
your vehicle than ever before. It allows you more command of body ride motions, as well as improved handling response and increased high-speed stability. It even reduces the impact harshness you may experience on rough roads. 'Tour Mode' is the standard setting for this feature. It allows for a smooth, gentle ride on normal city roads and highways. 'Sport Mode' is designed to increase the control you have whenever the road demands it. When Selective Ride Control is set to 'Sport Mode,' you'll feel an enhanced response to road conditions, in both the suspension tuning and increased steering effort. It automatically adjusts to road conditions, your driving speed and even the angle of your steering wheel to give you the smoothest ride possible. Simply moving the shift lever to the left when the vehicle's in 'Drive' activates the 'Sport Mode' setting. You can tell it's active when 'SPORT MODE ON' is displayed in you Driver Information Center.' You can change it back to 'Tour Mode' any time you'd like. Selective Ride Control puts you in command of your vehicle like never before. So what are you waiting for? The road is calling. Enjoy the drive.

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