Rear Vision Camera – Buick Enclave

Video Transcription

When you're driving, being aware of your surroundings is incredibly important. While you may wish you had eyes in the back of your head, GMC thought of the next best thing: eyes in the back of your car. When the camera in your GMC Acadia is
active, you'll see its' image displayed on your car's Infotainment screen. The camera is located just above the rear license plate. While its wide-angle lens gives you a broad view of what's behind you, keep in mind that it can't see objects that are close to either back corner of the vehicle, or objects that are under the bumper. While in rearview mode, the screen will also display symbols that work with your car's Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist system. This system detects images that you may be in danger of hitting as you back up. An alarm will sound, and a symbol will appear on the screen warning you of this proximity alert. If you find these symbols distracting, they can be shut off. Put the car in Park. Press the “settings” button on the touchscreen. Push the “Display Settings” button. Select the “Rear Camera” screen button. Then select “Symbols” to deselect the checkbox. If you prefer not to see Guidelines on the RVC screen you can also disable them here. Your car's “Rear Cross-Traffic Alert” system also works with the Rear-View Camera's display. If the system detects traffic coming from either direction, an arrow will appear on the side of the screen from which the oncoming vehicle is coming. This feature can be enabled or disabled in the Driver Information Center. The Rear-View Camera is an amazingly useful tool. You'll wonder how you ever got by without it. But remember, it's meant to be used in conjunction with your rearview mirrors,,, and should never be a substitute for using your eyes. Have a great drive!

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