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Thanks to the Object Detection System in your vehicle, you no longer need “eyes in the back of your head” as you drive. With these amazing safety assist features, you have additional protection in all of the hard-to-see areas. Let's take a
look… While driving your GMC Acadia, you will see this symbol light up in your side mirrors when the Side Blind Zone Alert system detects another vehicle in your blind spot. The alert can be seen in both the driver, and passenger rear view mirrors. This system also helps when changing lanes in traffic. If another vehicle is detected on the same side as an activated turn signal, the display will flash to give you extra warning not to change lanes. The Side Blind Zone Alert system can be turned off in the Driver Information Center. Locate it in the Vehicle Information Menu. Press the Set/Reset button to select On or Off. One of the hardest parts of driving is backing up…it's almost impossible to see everything that may be in your way. Now the rear vision camera system takes away the worry and opens-up your field of vision. The Rear Camera Vision or RVC activates when shifting into reverse. A video image of what is behind your vehicle automatically appears on the screen in center stack…it will look something like this. When your Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist system is active, and you're using your Rear Vision Camera, there is a feature that will show you a symbol on the screen when an object is detected. If you find these symbols distracting, they can be shut off. Put the car in Park. Press the “settings” button on the touchscreen. Push the “Display Settings” button. Select the “Rear Camera” screen button. Then select “Symbols” to deselect the checkbox. If you prefer not to see Guidelines on the RVC screen you can also disable them here. The Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist system offers even more safety precautions when backing up. If objects are detected by the system, you will hear beeping sounds. The interval between the beeps becomes shorter as the vehicle gets closer to the obstacle. When the distance is less than 1 foot the beeping is a continuous tone for five seconds. The park assist system automatically turns back on after each time you start your vehicle. If you want to turn it off, navigate to Park Assist in the DIC and turn it on or off. That's it for the object detection system in your vehicle, it's great to know that you'll have these extra safety features when you need them. Enjoy the drive.

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