Interactive Driver Shift Control – Buick Regal

Video Transcription

Your vehicle comes equipped with an “Interactive Drive Control System” that adapts to your driving preferences and style for a truly customizable experience. Let's learn more about this impressive feature. The “Interactive Drive Control
System” or “IDSC” in your Buick Regal, allows you to have more control over the performance and handling of your vehicle than ever before. You'll get more command of handling response and increased high-speed stability. IDSC has three operation modes. “Standard Mode” is the fully automatic setting that your vehicle operates on by default. Use this mode for every day travel. It allows for a smooth, gentle ride on normal city roads and highways. Sport Mode' is designed to increase your control by providing precise, comfortable handling. It also adjusts your shock absorbers to allow for better contact with the road. Use this mode for both every day city travel and long-distance highway driving. To drive in Sport Mode, press the “Sport button”. The indicator light lets you know it's on. Press it again to return to Standard Mode. “GS Mode” allows for even more handling capabilities by further adjusting your shock absorbers and reducing power steering assistance. Use this mode whenever road conditions, or your personal preference, demand enhanced control! To drive in GS Mode, just press the “GS button”. The indicator light lets you know it's on. Press it again to return to Standard Mode. Interactive Drive Control System puts you in command of your vehicle like never before. So what are you waiting for? The road is calling. Enjoy the drive.

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