Intellilink – Using Pandora & Stitcher with an Android Smartphone – Buick LaCrosse

Video Transcription

Today we're going to show you how to connect your Android device so that you can access the entertainment content offered by Pandora & Stitcher Internet radio. If your phone is already paired to IntelliLink via a Bluetooth connection, you're
ready to get started. You can start streaming one of 4 ways, by tapping the Pandora or Stitcher icon on your phone, by hitting one of these buttons, by tapping the source button on the steering wheel or center stack council, or by using your systems' voice recognition feature... Simply say “Pandora” or “Stitcher” or “tune Pandora”, or “tune Stitcher.” Once you're in the main Pandora menu, you can rate tracks, skip tracks, and bookmark tracks. Spin the TUNE KNOB or press the MENU button to access the different stations and shuffle feature. When you hear an artist or track you like, BOOKMARK it! You can revisit them on the Pandora website, pandora dot com The main Stitcher menu and its’ controls are very similar to Pandora’s. From here, you can select from Stitcher's menu of preset stations or access your own stored “Favorite” channels. You can also browse through Stitcher stations by topics such as “Sports Talk” or “Weather”. While you're listening to Stitcher, you can rate stations or programs, skip forward to the next show on any give station, or change the station. Enjoy the incredible, vast world of Internet radio, right at your fingertips with IntelliLink. Have a great drive!

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