IntelliLink – Pandora & Stitcher with an iOS Smartphone – Buick Enclave

Video Transcription

In addition to AM, FM, & XM radio, your Intellilink system also allows you to connect to both Pandora & Stitcher Internet radio, via your Smart Phone. Today, we're going to show you how to set it all up. Pandora and Stitcher are both app based
services that stream personalized radio stations through a phone or a tablet. Let's take a look at how to connect them to your GMC Acadia's audio system via your I-O-S Device. First, confirm that you've downloaded the latest version of the Pandora and / or Stitcher App to your Phone from the iTunes Store. Whether you want to use your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad to access these apps, the connection is the same. Insert the cord into the Apple device, and then insert the other end into the USB port, found here in the upper instrument panel storage area. Please keep in mind that this service “does use” your phone's data plan. There are three ways that you can launch Pandora or Stitcher. On your device, press the Pandora or “Stitcher” icon. Or press the Pandora or Stitcher icon on the Home Page of your touch screen. Or, you can use the voice recognition system. Press the “Phone / Voice button” and simply say “Pandora” or “Stitcher” or “tune Pandora” or “tune Stitcher.” Once launched, press the Pandora icon to access the Pandora Menu. Here you'll see the bookmark option to mark a song while listening. Your choice is sent back to your Pandora account. You can revisit them on the pandora website, You can also shuffle to play the stations in random order. In addition, you'll see a list of stations that you created before you launched, ready to be played through you vehicle's audio system. While listening to a song, you can rate tracks with a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. Or skip tracks by pressing “this button”. Stitcher radio works in much the same way that Pandora does with a slightly different Main Menu. After launching Stitcher, the main menu provides a pre-selected list from which you can choose upcoming shows,,, your custom stations,,, popular and trending,,, new and noteworthy and more. And, if available, you can rate stations or programs with the “Thumbs up / Thumbs down” symbols. Or use the "Star" to mark something as a favorite. Enjoy the incredible, vast world of Internet radio, right at your fingertips with IntelliLink! Have a great drive!

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