Intellilink – Pairing an iPhone Smartphone – Buick Regal

Video Transcription

One of the really cool things about the IntelliLink system is the ability to pair with your smart phone via a Bluetooth connection. Let's look at how you pair your Apple, or IOS device. Your IntelliLink system lets you pair up to 5 devices, any
combination of smart phones and audio devices you may own. To begin, push the “configuration”, or talk button on your center console. Select the phone icon. Then scroll down to phone settings. Select “pair device”. Alternatively, you can press the talk button on the steering wheel. The system will respond “please say a command” you then say, “pair.” By selecting, “pair device” you'll get a message on your screen, “please start bluetooth search on your phone.” At this point, you'll want to turn your attention to your phone … Tap the “Settings” icon on your phone. On the next screen, select the “Bluetooth” bar here at the top. Turning on the Bluetooth switch here will send the phone searching for available connections. Once your iPhone and IntelliLink find each other, you'll get a message on your phone asking you to accept the authorization code generated by IntelliLink, the same number that appears here, on your car's touchscreen. Once the pairing is complete, your phone will show that you are connected to the Buick Verano. Your car's screen will also show that you now have your iPhone connected, giving you access to your phone's contacts list. Following these steps enables your smart phone to automatically pair with your car's IntelliLink system every time you turn on the ignition. Check out our other videos on using your phone in your car. And, as always, have a great drive!

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