Intellilink – Pairing an iOS Smartphone – GMC Acadia

Video Transcription

Let's face it. Today more than ever our vehicles are getting smarter. Giving us increased convenience, safety, and communication. Here's a quick how-to on pairing your iPhone device with your Smart vehicle. Your IntelliLink system in your GMC
Acadia lets you pair up to 5 devices, any combination of smart phones and audio devices you may own. There's a few different ways to get started. First, Find the Settings icon from your Home Page. You may have to push the "Next" button in the lower right corner to get to the screen that displays it. Now press it. Select “Bluetooth Device List”. Then select “New Device" in the lower left corner. OR, you can press the talk button on the steering wheel. The system will respond, “say a command or say help”. You then say “pair phone.” Give it a try. You should see “this” message on your screen: “Start Bluetooth pairing on remote device.” Now you'll want to turn your attention to your phone. On your phone's first screen, tap the “Settings” icon. On the next screen, select the “Bluetooth” bar, here at the top. Turning on the Bluetooth switch here, will send the phone searching for available connections. Tap the GMC Acadia option, and it will bring up this request. Before selecting, “OK”, direct your attention to the display screen of your vehicle. You'll see this request. Hit yes. Then look back at your phone. You'll see the same request from before. Select the “OK” button. Now your phone will pair with your vehicle every time the ignition is on. Just be sure that Bluetooth is ON. You can now make and answer calls using your touch screen or Voice Recognition system. That's it for pairing your Smart Device with your Smart Vehicle! Check out our other videos for more in-depth information on this subject and more!

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