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The IntelliLink system in your vehicle is the nerve center that connects you to a whole host of features, including the wonderful world of Infotainment. In this video, we're going to focus on your “radio options” and “sound system”. Let's
take a look at the radio in your GMC Acadia. Whether AM, FM, or XM Satellite radio, these basics will get you started. The infotainment system is controlled by using buttons, a touch screen, steering wheel controls, and voice recognition. To access your radio, simply push the volume knob in, like so. This powers up the system. Turning the same knob allows you to control the volume. The volume controls are also accessible from your steering wheel. To begin searching for stations, simply press the AM, FM, or XM buttons on your home screen. If you are not on the home screen, push the home button “here” or “here” to get to it. You can also use the “source” button on the left side of the touchscreen display. “source” allows you to choose between FM,,, AM,,, XM,,, and Cd's. And for equipped vehicles, DVD, front and rear auxiliary, Pandora, Stitcher, and iPod / USB. These arrow buttons enable you to advance and reverse through different devices. Your source button is also located on your steering wheel. Or you can also just say, “Tune AM”, “Tune FM”, or “Tune XM” through your car's voice recognition system. Once you've selected your desired source, you can use the tuning knob “here” to select a station. Or if you want to find stations faster, there's a reason “Intelligent” is part of IntelliLink's name. Using these buttons will automatically locate the strongest stations for you. Everyone has their own tastes in music, news and entertainment. Your vehicle gives you some easy ways to customize your “Favorites” so they are all just one button away! When you find a station you like, you can save it as a favorite. While listening to a station you want to save from the AM, FM or XM main page, press one of the preset buttons at the bottom of the screen until a beep is heard. Then when you want to hear that station, just hit the corresponding preset button at the bottom of the page. The up and down arrow buttons on your steering wheel will allow you to advance up or down through your favorite channels. You can enjoy up to 30 preset stations by adding up to 5 additional favorites pages. And you can personalize how their organized by mixing AM, FM, and XM across all six pages. Simply press the “FAV button” to scroll through the different pages. The current “page number” displays above the preset button. To change the number of favorite pages displayed, find your settings icon from the main menu and press it. Press “favorites pages”, and then select the number of pages to display. Then, just select FAV “here” to display the preset pop-up. Then press your desired preset button to hear that station. Your vehicle is truly a media entertainment center with the addition of a CD / DVD player as part of your Intellilink system. It can be used for CDs, MP3 audio, and Videos. It’s capable of playing almost all formats. To load a disc, turn the vehicle on and insert a disc, label up, into the slot. The player pulls the disc in and begins to play. To eject, press “this button”. It's that easy! By the way, it's good to remember that if the disc is not removed within a short time after ejection, it is pulled back into the player. So if you cannot find your favorite CD, check the player! To begin playing a CD, Press the disc icon from the main menu. Or select the disc button from the source pop up display. Once on the “Disc now playing screen” you'll see a track number, Song, Artist, Elapsed Time, and Album info when available. You'll use the traditional controls to play or pause the CD, Seek-previous or -next track, and fast forward or fast reverse. You'll follow the same process to get to your DVD's now playing screen. Here you will see control buttons for play/pause, fast forward, and rewind. Push the menu button and this will take you to the DVD disc menu where you can select settings that control the playback of your video such as…Audio options- surround -or stereo, Viewing mode-Wide, full -and zoom, brightness, subtitles and more. One menu here, the Cursor menu, is only available when the vehicle is in Park. This is where you navigate through the DVD's own menu if available. Playing an MP3 CD is the same as a regular audio CD. But to ensure that an MP3 disc will play properly in your vehicle, be sure to check out the specific guidelines in your vehicle's user's manual. Once your MP3 CD is inserted and active, the MP3 audio menu is accessed by pressing the menu button on the screen. Here you can see folders, playlists, artists, genres, albums, and tracks. Press the desired selection and then a song from the list to play. There's also an auxiliary input jack, right here, that allows you to plug in your favorite portable device - Like, an iPod, using an eighth inch cable. It's important to note that when attaching a device using the AUX input method, you must use the device itself to play, pause, or select different songs. For your XM Satellite listening pleasure, you have some additional options. Once you are in the XM menu, you can view your favorite list, XM channels, or channels grouped, by categories. Such as news, comedy, classical music, and so on. To select specific XM categories, go into “settings” from the home screen. Choose "XM Categories". Place a checkmark, “like this” next to the genres you prefer. This will limit your view to only these categories. Give it a try! If you notice that the sound is too bright, or the bass just isn't big enough, you can adjust your system's tone settings. Hit the “Tone” button on your homepage. From here you can select Bass, Mids, Treble, Fade, and Balance controls. Each is adjustable via the push / select knob. Or by tapping the “plus or minus” buttons or “F or R” buttons on the touchscreen. HD Radio is the digital evolution of AM FM. It is a Free service that, when available, will give you better sound and more programming choices, as well as more on-screen info about the music that's playing. To access HD Radio, tune in to an AM or FM station like you normally would. If the station is broadcasting in HD radio technology, the radio will automatically switch to digital audio. You will then see this orange HD logo. When using a source device with a USB connection, there are a few things you'll need to know. To start, find the USB port in your Acadia. It's located here, in the upper instrument panel storage area. Once you plug in a USB device, you'll see the “USB icon” appear on your car's touchscreen telling you it's connecting. You can also tap the “Now Playing” menu option. As long as your drive is loaded with supported media formats, your USB content should start playing. IntelliLink supports MP3, WMA, and AAC file formats. You can move from track to track using the “seek forward and back” buttons on your console or steering wheel. Or you can choose to have IntelliLink shuffle the audio, so that it plays in random order. Holding this button will allow you to shuttle through a track while hearing it. Let's look at the USB menu. You can get there by pressing the menu button from the now playing screen. Within the USB menu, you can select songs based on categories such as Artists,,, Genres,,, and Albums. You can also access any playlists you've created on the drive. You can also activate voice recognition, telling IntelliLink what you want to hear. For instance, you can say, “Play Rolling Stones” or “Play Satisfaction”, and that artist or song will start playing. Once you're in play mode, you can locate other tracks on your USB drive by turning the “Push / Select” knob here, in your console. This will take you through each track in sequence, forward or back. You can use the same USB connection to play your iPod, or any other MP3 player. IntelliLink supports iPod Classics, Nanos, and Touches, as well as iPhones and iPads. Once connected, take a look at the menu. You get to the iPod menu screen by hitting the “menu button” from the now playing screen. From the main menu, you can play your iPod in shuffle mode, select from your custom playlists, or search for audio by Artist,,, Album,,, Genre,,, or Song titles. In addition, IntelliLink allows you to search for Podcasts, Composers, and Audiobooks from this menu. So, enjoy the wonderful sound system in your vehicle. Take some time and learn about all the things that you can do to customize your listening experience…it'll make those long commutes much shorter! Have a great drive!

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