Infotainment – Time Shift Radio & Built In Hard Disk Drive – GMC Sierra

Video Transcription

The radio in your vehicle can do some pretty incredible things. We're going to take a look at the timeshift feature which lets you rewind and pause live radio instantly. There's also a built-in hard disc drive or HDD that holds up to 30-gigbytes of
nformation, used to record, add and playback music, podcasts and so much more. To add media files from a USB device to your HDD, first connect it to the system. Once the USB screen opens, simply press record, and choose to record either the song currently playing, or all songs on the device. To playback music from your hard disc drive, access your HDD content by first selecting the device menu icon from the radio's main screen. Then hit the HDD icon. The music saved on your hard disc will start playing. While the HDD source is active, the traditional audio playback buttons can be used for play/pause and seek/forward or reverse. You can also use the multifunction knob as well. From the HDD screen, press the HDD menu screen button to display the HDD music menu. Here you have more options, like shuffle, artists, albums, and more. There's even a More Like This option, which will generate a list of songs similar to the one that is playing. The timeshift feature is a great way to enhance your radio listening experience. Miss the last few moments of a news story while you hit the drive-thru? Timeshift lets you rewind to catch something you may have missed. Timeshift begins automatically recording as soon as you begin listening to the radio, storing up to 20 minutes of past content. You can pause, fast forward, and rewind by using your radio control buttons. Rewind and fast-forward work in 10-second increments; push and hold to quickly scan. Press play/pause again to resume listening. If you need to leave you vehicle, but still want to hear the end of that great song, hit the play/pause button before you turn the engine off. Timeshift will continue to record audio for up to 20 minutes. Pretty cool, huh? The HDD and timeshift are just a few of the many amazing entertainment features available in your vehicle right now. Enjoy the drive.

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