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Video Transcription

Today we're going to walk you through one of the truly coolest safety features in your vehicle. The Heads-Up Display The Heads-Up Display feature in your GMC Acadia is a system that projects driving information right onto your windshield.
Without ever taking your eyes off the road, you're instantly in touch with how fast you're going, what gear you're in, what the weather's like outside even what you're listening to on your stereo. Other information will briefly appear on your Heads-Up Display as you use them, such as turn signals and high beams. It'll also duplicate key information that appears on your Driver Information Center displaysuch as warnings or when Traction Control is being used by the vehicle. There's a control for your HUD, which is located here, to the right of the steering wheel. While your engine is running, these controls enable you to adjust the display's brightness by turning this dimmer knob give it a try. These up and down arrow controls let you choose where on your windshield the HUD will project. This button in the center is the page menu, which enables you to choose between three display formats. Format 1 gives you the speedometer reading as well as turn signals, high beams, transmission position, and outside temperature. Format 2 gives you everything from Format 1 minus the transmission and temperature information. Format 3 gives you everything from Format 1 with the added bonus of this really cool circular tachometer which replaces the temperature display. Each of these formats will intermittently display turn-by-turn information from your navigation system. And if you're wondering how the HUD stays visible day or night, it does so by automatically adjusting its brightness according to the available light so your information is always crystal clear. And speaking of keeping things “crystal clear,” it's a good idea to regularly clean the inside of your windshield with a soft cloth and some spray cleaner, but be careful not to spray directly into the HUD's lens, as that could leak into the system and damage it. So Heads Up! It's now easier than ever to keep your eyes on the road…where they should be…and have all the information you need. Have a great drive!

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