Entertainment System – Buick Encore

Video Transcription

The IntelliLink system in your Verano is the nerve center that manages all-things infotainment. Today we're going to focus on the entertainment side of the equation. Let's get started. To access your radio, simply push the volume knob in, like so.
The system is now powered-up. Now let's choose a source. There are many options. FM, AM, XM Satellite, CD/DVD, USB, Pandora, or stitcher. To choose between them, You can hit your source button here, or… Hit this button on your Steering Wheel… Tapping either of these 2 buttons will allow you to scroll through the options. Another way to select a source is by simply Touching one of the icons on the Home Screen. You can also just say, “Tune AM, FM, XM, Ipod or anything else” through your car's voice recognition system For now, let's select “FM” and learn how to find a station. Of course, you can always use the tuning knob… …but your seek buttons will help you find stations faster. Just tap either the left or right button to automatically find the next available station. Pressing and holding the buttons will allow you to advance quickly through the frequencies. These buttons also assist in track navigation with your cd, dvd's, and other devices. Now that you know how to find your favorite stations, lets save them. So go find a station right now. From the main AM, FM or XM page, press & hold any of the 1 thru 6 buttons at the bottom until you hear a beep. It's now saved in that slot. But there's more than just 6 available. You can create 6 pages or 36 different preset stations. You can have a bank of AM, FM, or XM, mix and match them, or arrange your favorites thematically, grouping together genres like “Talk Radio,” “News”, or “Oldies Rock” stations. Once you've set up your favorites, you can scroll through the different banks of presets by hitting the FAV button, found here. You can also scroll through your favorites by rolling this button on your steering wheel up or down. If you're unfamiliar with the stations in the area, check out the button labeled “AS”…which stands for Auto Store. While you're in either AM or FM mode, hold this button for 2 seconds and 6 of the strongest stations in that band will automatically populate... Having this feature, also gives you an additional 2 pages or 12 stations of presets. Satellite or XM radio offers you a multitude of stations and programs, and functions the same way as your AM/FM bands with one exception. When using the Tuning Knob to find a station, you must press the knob to actually select it. Next let's try hooking up an mp3 player or basic thumb drive with music files into the USB port. Your radio should start playing songs from the device automatically. If not, select the USB device from the main menu, this will display what's now playing. You can also simply hit “now playing” from the IntelliLink home page, or by hitting the “SOURCE” button on your steering wheel or center stack console To navigate the tracks on your device, tap these arrow buttons, like this. Pushing and holding these buttons will fast forward or backwards through the current track. And there's also your basic play and pause buttons as well. These functions also apply when playing a CD in the CD player. Once you're in play mode, you can locate other tracks on your USB drive by turning the TUNE KNOB located here in your console. Pushing this knob will take you into the devices menu. Turning the knob inside the menu allows you to highlight different categories in that menu, like “ARTISTS,” or “SONGS”. Pushing the button selects the highlighted category. That's it for the entertainment features of your IntilliLink system! Have a great drive!

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