eAssist – Buick Lacrosse

Video Transcription

Your vehicle's engine comes equipped with an electric drive system called eAssist. This feature gives your vehicle an electric 'boost' to help conserve fuel. Let's learn how eAssist can help you get the most out of your engine. Your Buick
LaCrosse is equipped with eAssist, which operates with the help of a small, powerful electric motor under the hood, and a lithium-ion battery housed in the trunk. You'll see a few eAssist features displayed on your instrument panel, such as, The 'Efficiency Gauge”,,, the 'Power Flow Display' in your Driver Information Center,,, and the 'Auto Stop' Indicator on the Tachometer. The 'Driver Efficiency Gauge' helps you see how efficiently your vehicle operates. The gauge moves each time you brake and accelerate. For maximum efficiency, try to keep the arrow inside the center of the gauge's 'green zone' as you drive. The 'Power Flow Display' in your Driver Information Center keeps you up-to-date on the energy flow direction, the system battery charge level, and current eAssist operating mode. To access this display on your screen, just press the 'Energy' button on your home screen. While the Tachometer keeps track of your RPMs, the 'Auto Stop' Indicator displays your vehicle's status. The “Auto Start and Stop” system works to save you fuel by automatically shutting off the engine each time the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Not to worry; though the engine stops to conserve energy, all other vehicle accessories, like your radio and Climate Control System, still function as normal. The engine only turns off once the vehicle has reached the temperature you want. Once you release the brake pedal, or start to accelerate, the engine restarts… When you coast or brake while driving, your electric motor becomes kind of a mini generator that automatically charges the lithium-ion battery with energy that would normally be lost. This process is called 'Regenerative Braking.' It's one more way your vehicle saves you fuel and cash. eAssist offers you options to increase the efficiency of your daily drive. Use the 'Eco Air Conditioning' option to get the most out of you Climate Control System on those hot summer days. Hill Start Assist is a cool feature for when you get stopped on a hill or grade. It automatically activates to keep you from rolling forward, or backward. Make sure you take a look at your Owner's Manual for more information about these features and more. eAssist works hard to give you the most efficient ride possible. Looks like the days of wasteful idling at that dreaded intersection are long over. How's that for innovation? Enjoy the drive.

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