Climate Controls & Heated Seats – Buick LaCrosse

Video Transcription

The weather may be less than perfect outside, but inside your vehicle, you & your passengers can have the perfect temperature. Let's take a look at your Climate Control system. In your Buick LaCrosse, the dual zone system delivers comfort
options for both yourself, and your front passenger. There are two controls, and two temperature readouts. Before we explore the typical settings for your vehicle's heating and cooling system, it's important to understand a feature called “eAssist.” “eAssist” is designed to help you drive more economically. Your climate control system is dependent upon other vehicle systems for heat and power input, and certain climate control settings can lead to higher fuel usage. Be aware that the following settings use more fuel: Comfort Air Conditioning Mode,,, Defrost Mode,,, Extreme temperature settings such as 60 or 90 degrees,,, and High fan speed settings. Setting your climate control to “auto” will best support your vehicle's “eAssist” feature. Press the “Auto” button on the right of the console. This puts the system into Automatic Mode. Then, press the arrows on the temperature button up or down to set your desired temperature. The system does the rest! Now, pay attention to the Zone light. This light activates when the passenger chooses to make an adjustment to their side of the controls, creating their own zone. Then, when you want to unify all climate settings, just press the “Zone” buttonthe light goes out, and control for the whole system moves back to the driver. In this mode, all of the settings done by the driver are duplicated for the passenger's side. You can also operate the system manually by simply pressing the Power button. This turns the fan on, or off. To change the fan speed, press the fan button's upper or lower arrow. The speed setting will appear on the console's display screen. Pressing either arrow will cancel automatic mode. To return to Automatic mode, just press the Auto button again. Once you're in manual mode, you can control the airflow direction by using this button. Use the up and down arrow buttons to choose your desired setting. Choices include: Floor,,,-Floor and Defog,,,-Tri level,,, -Floor and vent,,, and Vent. You can adjust the air conditioning manually by pressing the A/C button. This will take you out of Auto mode. Just remember that pushing the Eco buttonthe one with the snowflake on it right next to the A/C button, will result in higher fuel economy and efficiency. When you're driving comfortably down the road, nothing can be more annoying than an unpleasant odor creeping into your car from outside. By pressing the Recirculation button, you can block those unwanted odors from entering the vehicle. Press the “Rear Window Defogger” button to clear the back window. Press it again to turn it off. After ten minutes, it will turn itself off. Some of these features, like “Rear Defogger”, “Recirculation”, or “Air Conditioning”, can be set to your personal specifications with Buick's special “Vehicle Personalization” feature. Details can be found in your Owner's Manual. Keep in mind the location of the Solar Sensor in your vehicle, which is located on top of the instrument panel near the windshield. Make sure not to block this, as it allows for the automatic adjustment of your system's fan speed, air delivery, and temperature, to deliver maximum comfort to all passengers! Whether your vehicle is equipped with Heated seats, or Heated & Ventilated Seats, you will find your controls here on your Center Stack… The driver's seat control is on the left, and the passenger's seat control is on the right. Press this button to heat the seat cushion and seatback. If you have the ventilated seats option, press this button. By the way, the ventilated seat option does not provide cooled air. Instead, a fan pulls and pushes air through the seat… You will see three lights for the highest setting. With each press of the button, you lower the setting, until it is off completely. During a remote start, the heated or ventilated seats will turn on automatically based on the temperature in the vehicle. However, when the ignition is actually turned on, they must be activated using the control buttons. And that's a brief overview of the sophisticated climate control system that adds comfort and convenience to your drive. So make yourself comfortable and have a great drive!

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