Climate Controls – Buick Regal

Video Transcription

The weather may be less than perfect outside, but inside your vehicle you & your passengers can have the perfect temperature. Let's take a look at your Climate Control system. In your Buick Regal you have a Dual System with two basic system
options; Automatic use, and Manual use. Plus, it has comfort controls for both the driver, and the passenger. By using the “Automatic” mode, the system will automatically control the car's fan speed,,, air delivery,,, air conditioning,,, and recirculation, to heat or cool the vehicle to your exact specification. To start it, just press the “Auto” button. Then, by turning the “Temperature Control knob” you can set the temperature to the exact level you want. The system will adjust, utilizing all the components available to reach that selected level. If you adjust the fan speed on its own, or the air delivery mode, the system will revert back to Manual. When in Manual mode, the two temperature control knobs can be adjusted separately by the driver,,, and the passenger. To operate the fan, there are two buttons. One button with the small icon will decrease fan speed. The button with the large icon will increase fan speed. The level of fan speed will be shown on the Intellilink touchscreen along the bottom edge. You can manually operate the Air Conditioning in this manner as well, by pressing the “Air Conditioning button” with the snowflake icon. You can also control the car's airflow, by selecting any combination of three options of delivery; through the floor outlets,,, through vents in the instrument panel,,, and through the windshield vents. When you need to clear the windshield of fog or frost, just press the “Defrost button” as air will blow directly at the windshield, rather than into the vehicle's cabin. It is advisable though, to clear all ice and snow from the windshield first, before defrosting it. You will also notice that the “Recirculation feature” does a very good job of cooling or heating the vehicle quickly by recirculating inside air. It 's also great to use, when there are less than desirable odors outside. Just be careful when the inside windows are foggy. If they are, this is a sign that the cabin air is more humid than outside, which creates foggy windows. Turn off Recirculation to draw outside air in to clear the windows sooner. When you need the “Rear Window Defogger” just press this button to turn it on. To turn it off, just press it again. Or, it will turn itself off after ten minutes. For vehicles with heated outside mirrors, they will conveniently turn on with the rear defogger, clearing frost and fog from their surfaces as well. Keep in mind the location of the Solar Sensor in your vehicle, which is located on top of the instrument panel near the windshield. Make sure not to block this as it allows for the automatic adjustment of your system's fan speed, air delivery, and temperature to deliver maximum comfort to all passengers! If your vehicle is equipped with the Remote Start feature, the Climate Control System will activate the previously set temperature and settings when the car is started remotely. So if you were blasting the air conditioning when you parked your car for the night, your remote start the next morning may not truly “warm up” your vehicle! There are just a few things to keep in mind; the rear defogger and your heated seats may come on with the remote starting of the vehicle, but the activation lights will not. Even though the features may be functioning. Once you enter your vehicle after a remote start, you can adjust the settings as you would normally. With your vehicle's heated front seats, you can now warm up in seconds. On the Climate Control Panel are two buttons; one for the driver, and one for the front passenger. Press a button once for the highest setting, and with each subsequent pressing, the seat will reach two lower settings before turning off. And that's a brief overview of the sophisticated climate control system that adds comfort and convenience to your drive. So make yourself comfortable and have a great one!

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