Climate Control & Heated Seats & Heated Steering Wheel – Buick Encore

Video Transcription

The weather may be less than perfect outside, but inside your vehicle you & your passengers can have the right temperature no matter what the season. Let's take a look at your Climate Control system. In your Buick Encore, you'll find all the
controls you need to operate your climate control system right here. These buttons along the top, control your system's air delivery mode. This button controls the fan speed, while the four buttons that surround it operate the 'Air Conditioning System,,,' 'Air Recirculation,,,' 'Defrost,,,' and 'Rear Window Defogging.' These buttons on either side control the 'Driver and Passenger Heated Seats', while these buttons are the 'Driver and Passenger Temperature Controls.' Don't forget the 'AC' for those hot summer days! With your Climate Control System, you have the option to automatically adjust the temperature, fan speed, and recirculation of air inside your vehicle to reach a comfortable temperature. Auto Mode is the best way to quickly reach your desired temperature level and maintain it. Once you tweak the temperature setting to your comfort level, you can almost forget about it. One tip; try to resist extreme temperature adjustments thinking you'll get warmer or cooler quicker. Slight adjustments are optimal for best comfort. To place the system in Auto Mode, press 'Auto', then adjust the temperature using the buttons for the driver's side,,, and the passenger side separately. No more “too cold” or “too warm” quarrels here! Go ahead and try it… You'll know it's in Auto mode when the indicator light is on. The system can also be manually controlled. Any time you adjust the fan control or the air delivery mode, the system switches to 'manual,' and the 'Auto' indicator light goes off. You're now free to increase…or decrease the fan speed… and choose the air delivery method. 'Floor,,, 'Vent',,, or 'Defog.' Choose 'Defog' to clear frost from both your windshield and side windows. The large 'Defrost' button will quickly clear your windshield only. You can also combine modes as well. The indicator light on each button shows you which modes are active. Your vehicle may be equipped with heated seats & a heated steering wheel to make you even cozier on your chilly morning drive. Just press the button in the center of the driver's temperature control, and your hands will feel the warmth in a few short minutes. Go ahead and give it a try… For the ultimate in comfort and control, both the driver and the passenger side are designed with adjustable heated seats. The button on the left controls the driver's seat, the one on the right, the passenger. Just press the button once… twice… or three times to reach the amount of heat you want. The indicator light on the button tells you which level of heat is active. Press it once more to turn it off. Now more than ever, you and your passengers can travel in perfect weather…at least inside your vehicle! Enjoy the ease of your climate control system! Stay cool! Enjoy the drive.

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