Climate Control & Heated Seats – GMC Terrain

Video Transcription

The weather may be less than perfect outside, but inside your vehicle, you and your passengers can have the perfect temperature. Let's take a look at your Climate Control system. You can put your GMC Terrain's climate control system in full
auto for the ultimate in convenience. To do that, just push the “Auto button”. You'll see the Auto indicator light go on, telling you the system is in full automatic. Allow the vehicle temperature to stabilize. Then adjust the temperature as needed. The system automatically controls the fan speed,,, air delivery,,, air conditioning,,, and recirculation to heat or cool the vehicle to the selected temperature. To improve fuel efficiency and to cool the vehicle faster, air recirculation may be selected in warm weather. To switch between fresh air and recirculated air, just press the recirculation button. If you're one of those “do it yourself” types, you can operate the climate control system “manually”. To do that press the power button to turn the climate control system on. If you turn this knob, you'll increase or decrease the fan speed. You can adjust the fan speed while in automatic mode, also. That places the fan under “manual control”. You'll see the Auto Indicator light turn off. When you do this, the air delivery mode remains under automatic control. Turn the “Temperature Control knob” to increase or decrease the temperature inside the vehicle. “These buttons” cycle up or down through the different air delivery modes. The current mode is shown on the display. You can select from the following: “Vent” directs air to the instrument panel outlets. “Bi-Level” to both the instrument panel and floor outlets. And the “Floor setting” directs air just to the floor outlets. “Defog” directs air to the windshield and floor outlets to clear the windows of fog or moisture. “Front Defrost” clears the windshield of fog or frost more quickly. Air is directed to the windshield and side window outlets. Selecting “defrost” disables the automatic mode. You turn the air conditioning “on or off” with this button. Press “this button” to alternate between air recirculation and outside air. The indicator light turns on when recirculation is selected. The “rear window defogger” is operated with this button. You have to have the ignition on to use it. It turns off automatically after about 10 minutes. You can also turn it off by putting the ignition in Accessory or Off. If the ignition is turned on again, the defogger runs for about five minutes before turning off. “These buttons” operate the driver and passenger heated seats. Press the button once for the highest setting. With each press of the button, the heated seat will change to the next lower setting. No lights lit means the system is off. Three lights indicate the highest setting, and one light indicates the lowest. If your vehicle has the remote start feature, its climate control system may run when the vehicle is started remotely. The system uses your previous settings to heat or cool the inside of the vehicle. The rear defog may come on during remote start if ambient conditions warrant it. However, the rear defog indicator light does not come on during a remote start. You can also program your Terrain to turn on the heated front seats during a remote start. There is a solar sensor located on top of the instrument panel near the windshield. It monitors the solar heat and feeds the information to the automatic climate control system, which uses it to adjust the temperature,,, fan speed,,, recirculation,,, and air delivery mode. Don't cover the solar sensor or the system won't work properly. You can adjust the louvers located on the side and center air vents to change the direction of the airflow. The thumbwheels are used to open or close off the airflow. And that's a brief overview of the sophisticated climate control system that adds comfort and convenience to your drive. So make yourself comfortable and have a great one!

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