Climate Control & Heated Seats – GMC Sierra

Video Transcription

Too hot? Too Cold? That's not going to happen with your passengers…thanks to the Dual Automatic Climate Control System & the Heated Seat feature in your Yukon. You’ll be able to keep everyone happy on those long road trips! Let's take a look
t the Control Panel. In general, you will control your temperature on the left hand side and your passenger will control their's…on the right. Hit the button to turn the system On or Off… Interestingly, you can turn the system back on by pushing any of these other buttons: Temperature up/down, Air Conditioning, Defrost, or AUTO. You can manage your in-car Climate Control automatically or manually…For automatic settings, press the AUTO button. When AUTO is selected, the temperature, air flow & fan speed will be controlled by the temps you set for you and your guests. Set the temperature for driver and passenger by pressing either the up or down button... Did you know that if you start at say,,, 74 degrees,,, instead of the highest or lowest temperature, the in-your-car climate regulates faster. This is the case when your vehicles engine hasn’t fully warmed up yet. So be sure to make your adjustments after the engine has warmed. If you and passenger are on the same wave-length, just press the 'PASS' button here…and the passenger temperature setting can be instantly set to match the driver temperature setting. When your feet or hands are especially cold, you may want to use the Climate Control system manually. As soon as you hit the 'FAN UP' or 'FAN DOWN' on the big button on the left, the fan speed will change and the AUTO light disappears. If you hit the AIR DELIVERY BUTTONS on the right, you can change the direction of the air flow. To manually select WHERE the air blows, press either of these buttons repeatedly until the desired mode appears on the display. Here are your choices: vent, bi-level, floor. Enter DEFOG MODE by pressing the air delivery mode until you see this appear… Hit the DEFROST button when you need to clear the windows more quickly. Hit the rear window defog button when you need to clear the back windshield. The Rear Window Defogger uses a warming grid to remove fog from the rear window. It automatically turns off several minutes after it has been activated. Note: The passenger temperature control cannot be activated while in DEFROST mode…but no need to share this info. When you’re in Auto Mode,,, the air conditioning will automatically turn on if needed to achieve your desired temperature. But if you prefer manual mode and need to cool off, you’ll need to turn on the AC by hitting the snowflake button found here. Another way to assist in quickly cooling the inside of your vehicle is to use the Recirculation option. This keeps outside air & odors from entering you vehicle while cooling the vehicle quickly. Note: Recirculation cannot be used with floor, defog or defrost modes. For vehicles with the rear heat and air conditioning controls. Press REAR to turn the rear climate control system on or off. One last interesting tidbit about climate control in your Yukon… Unless you are in recirculation mode…even with the system off, air still flows through the vents system when the vehicle is moving so you can adjust the airflow. Just press the up or down buttons to adjust the outside air as it enters your vehicle! By the way, all of your vehicle's temperature controls are managed by a SOLAR PANEL located near the windshield. Make sure not to cover this up, as it will affect the system performance. There is more comfort for you and your passengers with heated and cooled seats. For vehicles equipped with this feature, the buttons are located on the front doors. If the cooled seat feature is available, chill-out by pressing this button. Press this button to heat the seatback only. And press here to heat the seat and seatback. Press the button up to three times to increase the temperature. Something to remember about these heated seats…when using a remote starter, the heated seats may turn on automatically, but will be canceled when the ignition is actually turned on. Press the desired button to continue to use heated seats after the vehicle is started. For the Heated Rear Seat option, you will find the buttons on the Rear Seat Audio panel in the center console. Press the left & right button as needed. The heated seats are canceled when the ignition is turned off. Is everyone comfortable?

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