Climate Control – Buick Encore

Video Transcription

The weather may be less than perfect outside, but inside your vehicle you & your passengers can have the perfect temperature. Let's take a look at your Climate Control system. In your Buick Encore, the system's controls are all located in one
central panel, and are easily operated to give you the exact climate you desire. Let's start with the Temperature Control knob, on the panel's left side. When using the heat, or air conditioning, simply turn it clockwise or counterclockwise, to set it to your chosen temperature. You can choose to have the air flow from any of the three different outlets in the vehicle, by using these buttons. By pressing any combination of the air delivery buttons, the air will come through the floor vent,,, the instrument panel vents,,, and the vents by the side windows and windshield. The large knob on the right is your fan control knob, which lets you choose any one of six levels of fan speed. Again, just turn it clockwise or counterclockwise for the speed you want. To turn the fan off, just turn it to zero, which also turns off the air conditioning. Ok, let's face it. Nothing is more annoying than driving leisurely along, then, whoa - you're hit by a nasty odor from outside. Using the recirculation feature in your temperature controls, is one of the ways you can prevent outside air and odors from entering the vehicle…and control your temperature! By pressing the recirculation button, air will re-circulate inside the vehicle, cooling it, and also keep out external air, or odors. One caution though. If your interior windows are fogged, it is because the air inside the vehicle is more humid than the outside air. Turn off air recirculating to draw in the less humid outside air and quickly clear your windows. In hot weather, recirculation may start automatically if you set the temperature control at the coldest level, cooling the vehicle. It also improves fuel efficiency, by using the air conditioning more efficiently. When it is really hot outside, press the air conditioning button, with the snowflake icon. Then, adjust the fan control knob to the proper fan speed you desire. To turn off the air conditioning, just press that same button again. A clear rear window is crucial to safe driving, particularly in bad road conditions. By pressing the rear defogger button, the window's grid lines will soon clear away those weather-related elements. After ten minutes, the defogger will turn off by itself. The defogger will also turn off when the ignition is shut off. If the windshield also is obstructed by snow or fog, you have two options with which to clear it. You can select the defog option of the air delivery mode, described earlier. Or, you can press the defrost button, which will increase the fan speed and clear it more quickly. For either choice you can also utilize one of the six speeds on the fan control knob. That's it for Climate Control! Stay cool!

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